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Q: What year did Jamaica win it's last gold medal in track and field?
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If you are ahead of the second person in track and field what medal will you get?

gold, first place

What medal did usain bolt win for 2012 track and field Olympics?


Florence Griffith Joyner won an Olympic gold medal in what sport?

Field & Track

What sport did Japan win its first gold medal?

track ands field running

Who won the gold medal in the mens 400m at the Sydney Olympic Games track and field?

Michael Johnson

Who won New Zealand's first Olympic track and field gold medal in 1993?

Jim Thorpe

Which New Zealander won the first gold medal for track and field at the Olympic Games in 1936?

the people from Avatar

Who won Australia's only track and field gold medal in Tokyo?

Betty Cuthbert, AUS400 meters Athletics

Who are China's winners in the Olympic gold medal since 1972 in Track and Field?

Liu Xiang 110mH (2004)

Who won New Zealand's first gold medal in track and field?

New Zealand's first gold medal in Olympic athletics (track and field) was won by Jack Lovelock in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. He won the 1500 meter race in what was then a world record time of 3:47.8.

How many medal did us take in track n field at 2012 Olympics?

The USA win 9 Gold 13 Silver and 7 Bronze for 29 Medals in Track and Field

Who was the first American women win a gold medal track and field?

An Olympic gold medal ... Betty Robinson.Robinson won the women's 100 meter dash at the 1928 Summer Games in Amsterdam.