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Q: What year did Iver Johnson make the 50 caliber rifle model 500?
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Will the Iver Johnson Target model 57A shoot a 22 mag?

No,your Iver johnson Model 57 Target was not chambered for the 22 WMR caliber.

How do you load 38 caliber Iver Johnson pistol?

how to breakdown and load 38 caliber iver johnson pistol?

How do you find a complete bolt assembly for an Iver Johnson 22 safety rifle model 2X? has the best collection of Iver Johnson parts

Where can you buy a tube magazine for an Iver Johnson Target Master slide action 22 caliber rifle?

This model was made for Iver Johnson by ERMA Werke in Germany and imported from 1988-1990. I know of no source for that magazine, however, we can MAKE one if given the proper dimensions.

What is the age of a Trailsman 66 22 caliber revolver by Iver Johnson how old is it?

The Iver Johnson Trailsman model 66 large frame revolver was made from 1958-1978.

What caliber is Iver Johnson cadet mod 55sa pistol?

.22 short, .22 long and .22 long rifle.

Value of an Iver Johnson 8 shoot 22 caliber pistol?

Value of iver johnson 8 shot 22 caliber pistol

What year was a model 66 .22 caliber handgun Iver Johnson's gun made?


How old is your Iver Johnson's model x rifle?

made between the years of 1930 and 1944.

How much is a Iver Johnson 22cal m1 carbine?

how much is a Iver Johnson 22 caliber M1carbine.your carbine will bring between 175-275 dollars for a rifle showing between 60%-90% of its original finish,and a good bore.

Is a miss print on your Iver Johnson 22 long rifle worth anything?

Is there any value in a a Iver Johnson 22LR made in West Germany that on the barrel where the Co. stamped in the make and model of the weapon they left out the L when they where discribibe the word 22 long rifle

Where can you find information about an Iver Johnson break-top that appears to be a 32 caliber with serial number 35813?

Hello, I have an Iver Johnson 32 model 1893. I have found out plenty by using search engines such as google. I hope that will help you.

I have a 32 caliber hammerless Iver Johnson serial 45158 with a 3 inch barrel how do i find out about it?

I have a 32 caliber hammerless Iver Johnson serial 45158 with a 3 inch barrel how do i find out about it

How old is your Iver Johnson cadet 55sa 22 caliber?

The iver johnson cadet 55sa was made during the years 1961-1978.

What is this gun Iver Johnson Ser C25051?

What caliber is it and what is it worth

How old is a Iver Johnson target pistol model 55?

Your Iver Johnson Target model 55 was made from 1955-1960.

Where can you find a parts break down for a 32 caliber us revolver?

These were made by Iver Johnson company. Try searching under Iver Johnson,

Where is the serial number on a Model TP22 Iver Johnson 22 caliber handgun and could you post a picture of one?

The serial number is located on the left side of the frame behind the trigger. If you simply do an internet search for 'Iver Johnson TP22' you will bring up multiple pages with pictures of that model.

Will an Iver Johnson Model 50 cylinder work in an Iver Johnson Model 55A pistol?

a good qualified gunsmith should be able to answer your question for you.

What is the age and value of Iver Johnson 32 caliber revolver serial J 7537?

see text: Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle works 1871 - 1978

What is the correct caliber for an Iver Johnson 55 SA Serial G37521?

The Iver Johnson Cadet model 55SA was chambered in .22 rimfire caliber.It is a 8 shot revolver with a 2 1/2in barrel and 2 piece Tenite grips.these were made from 1961-1978.

20 gauge dbbl Wards Westernfield model 53?

I am pretty sure the Wards Westernfield Model 53 was made by Iver Johnson. Externally the Model 53 and Iver Johnson Hercules look identical. I believe the Iver Johnson Hercules was made from 1918 to 1936.

What is the value of an Iver Johnson Magnum 22 caliber revolver serial number K58618?

The value of an Iver Johnson Magnum 22 caliber revolver would be dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and condition.

What is the model of an Iver Johnson shotgun with the break ring in the trigger guard?

Model 1901 Iver Johnson, semi-hammerless, automatic ejector single gun.

WHAT IS A 22 caliber Iver Johnson GUN'S bullet capacity?

Up to 9