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Ichiro joined the Seattle Mariners before the 2001 season.

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Q: What year did Ichiro Suzuki join the Seattle Mariners?
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Did Ichiro Suzuki join the Seatle Mariners in 2000 or 1999?


When did the Seattle Mariners join Major League Baseball?

The first season of the Seattle Mariners was 1977.

What year did Kenji Johjima join the Seattle Mariners?

He Joined 2006 After He was On the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks

What year did Ken Griffey Jr join the Mariners?


What year did the Seattle Seahawks join the NFL?

The Seattle Seahawks joined the NFL in 1976 as expansion teams.

What MLB team is the most popular in Japan?

As of right now the most popular team in Japan is the Boston Red Sox. This is because of there newest player to join as pitter called Daisuke Matsuzaka. (Nickname- Dice K). He is who everyone is watching in Japan. After that i would have to say the mariners because of Ichiro. But I will stick with the Red Sox.

Why did david ortiz join the Red Sox?

David Ortiz was originally signed by the Seattle Mariners organization in 1992. He spent all of his time in that organization in the minor leagues. He was traded by the Mariners to the Minnesota Twins in 1996 and played for the Twins between 1997-2002. He was released by the Twins after the 2002 season and signed by the Red Sox as a free agent prior to the 2003 season.

What teams are in the al west?

As of 2012, the American League (AL) West consists of the Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, and Texas Rangers. The Houston Astros, formerly of the National League (NL) West will join the AL West effective 2013.

What year did the seattle sonics join the NBA?

THe Super Sonics were founded in 1967

Where did Dr Addison Montgomery join a private practice after leaving Seattle grays anatomy?

Los Angeles

When did Alex Rodriguez join the mariners?

He was drafted by the Mariners in the first round of the '93 season. He then made his first ML Start in '94.. But that was the strike year so that was it. So to answer your question 1993-1994 was the years he "joined" them.. Then he signed with the Rangers, and was traded to the Yankees

When did Kasey Keller join Seattle sounder?

Kasey Keller after playing with the Englesh team Fullham, Keller joined his home team [he was born in Olympia, WA] Seattle Sounders FC in there inargual season in 2009.

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