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He was drafted in 1998 in the 3rd round.

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Q: What year did Hines Ward graduate from high school?
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What high school did Hines Ward attend?

Hines Ward went to Babb Middle School in Forest Park, GA

Did Hines Ward play high school football?

Hines Ward played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1998-2011.

Was Hines Ward ever in the military?

No, he was not. Hines played high school and college football, and was then drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1998.

What town did Hines Ward live in during his childhood?

I do know that Hines Ward was born in Seoul, South Korea and attended Forest Park High School in Forest Park, Georgia.

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What was Hines Ward's number in college?

His rookie number was 15. Look at his rookie Topps card. I thought it was odd that he switched. Hines Ward wore #86 throughout his Steelers career. He wore #15 in college and his rookie preseason.

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