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Down beat Dublin in the 1994 All-Ireland Football Final.

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Q: What year did Down beat Dublin in the all Ireland?
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How many people visit dublin Ireland?

how manny people visit dublin ireland each year

When was Dublin Ireland founded?

Officially it was founded in the year 988AD but there were people living where Dublin now is long before that.

Will iron maiden play in dublin this year?

They have no dates scheduled for Dublin this year. Given the current tour theme, a show in Ireland is very unlikely.

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Do people in Dublin Ireland rely on tourism?

Many people do. Some of Ireland's main tourist attractions, like the Guinness factory, the Book of Kells and the Phoenix Park are in Dublin. Dublin is Ireland's largest city. The main international airport in Ireland is in Dublin, so many tourists come to Ireland through Dublin. There are a lot of people employed in hotels, guest houses, restaurants, pubs etc. in Dublin that rely on tourists. At any time of year there are tourists in Dublin, so tourism is important to the city and to many of the people in Dublin.

What year was Catherine McAuley born?

Catherine McAuley was born in the year 1778 in September, at Dublin in Ireland.

When did Dublin last win All Ireland Hurling championship?

As of the end of the 2013 All-Ireland championship, which finishes in September each year, Dublin last won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship in 1938.

Who won the All-Ireland senior football final last year?

Kerry beat Cork in the 2007 All-Ireland Senior Football Final. Tyrone beat Kerry in the 2008 All-Ireland Senior Football Final. Kerry beat Cork in the 2009 All-Ireland Senior Football Final. Cork beat Down in the 2010 All-Ireland Senior Football Final.

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What year did westmeath beat dublin to become leinster champions in gaa football?

Westmeath won their only Leinster senior football championship in 2004. They beat Dublin in the quarter-final.

What is the average rainfall per year in Dublin?

Dublin, the most populous city of Ireland and its capital, gets an average of 28 inches of rainfall a year. Dublin gets about 2 inches of rain each month with October being the wettest.

What year was liffey valley opened?

The Liffey Valley Shopping Centre in Dublin, Ireland, opened in 1998.

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