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Denver went to the World Series in 2007

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Q: What year did Denver do to the world series?
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What year was the World Series canceled?

There was no World Series in 1904 and 1994.

How many times have the rangers made the world series?

none last year was their first year to make it to the world series

What was the first year World Series game played?

The first World Series was played in 1903

What year did the Eagles win the World Series NFL?

The world series is baseball. The NFL is football.

In what years since the first World Series in 1903 was the World Series not played?

Since the first World Series in 1903 the World Series was played every year but 1904, and 1994.

Year of the first World Series?


When is the baseball world series?

In the year 2012.

When was the first and last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?

As of the 2008 season, the first year the Cubs won the World Series was 1907 and the last year the Cubs won the World Series was 1908.

When do they announce baseball rookie of the year?

Typically about a week after the World Series ends!

Did the Yankees win World Series this year?

This year being 2009, yes. The New York Yankees beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2009 World Series.

Which tv station will cover the World Series in Anchorage Alaska?

It changes from year to year. FOX will be broadcasting the 2017 Major League Baseball World Series.

Was there a game 7 in the 2009 World Series?

No. The Yankees won the World Series in 6 games in the year 2009.