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David Beckham has already joint A.c.Milan, and now the talk is that he might join the English club Tottenham Hotspur.

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In 2009 and 2010 on loan. In 2009 he had 18 appearances and scored twice. In 2010 he appeared 11 times with no goals scored.

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Q: What year did David Beckham play for AC Milan?
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He play in which club and which countrywho is the richest footballer of the year 2009?

It is David Beckham, he played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, L.A. Galaxy and A.C. Milan

When did David Beckham leave real Madrid?

ANSWER David Beckham is currently playing for AC Milan, on a season long loan from Los Angeles Galaxy. David is on a unique "time share deal" where he will play some parts of the season with Milan and some with LA Galaxy. David has stated this type of deal is a dream, as it keeps him in with a high chance of being involved with the England national team, while still attempting to raise the profile of soccer in the USA. Beckham has also played for Manchester United, Preston North End (loan), Real Madrid, and is consistantly involved with the England national soccer team.

Salary of David beckham?

david beckham's salary is 24.7 million a year.

What year did David Beckham get famous?


What year was David Beckham born?


What team does Beckham play for in the year 2008?

In 2008, David beckham played for the LA galaxy and scored seven goals then he moved to milan and still plays for milan and scored two goals for them. He is good but if he wants to get better he has to go to a better team if he wants to be in the world cup squad 2010.

What is the official jersey number of David Beckham?

David Beckham has been assigned the number 32 shirt at AC Milan. It had been previously speculated that Beckham would wear the number 75, the year of his birth; it has now been revealed however that David Beckham's shirt number is to be 32.

What year did David Beckham get drafted?

He has never been drafted

What year did Kanchelskis play for AC Milan?

Andrei Kanchelskis did not play for AC Milan.

How much money does david beckham earn per year?

40 million a year

How much does David Beckham make a year without endorsements?

400682415644628 a year thanks for the qustion

Age of David Beckham?

Well he gets older 1 year older every year