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Q: What year did Courtney Dupree play for the North Carolina Tar Heels men's basketball team?
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What is the best college basketball team ever?

The North Carolina Tar Heels.

What is the basketball team of the University of North Carolina?

If you mean the division, they are in Division I and play in the ACC.

What team was ranked in basketball on march 1.2007?

University of North Carolina Tar Heels.

What was the name of Michel Jordan college basketball team?

North Carolina Tar Heels

Who won the men's NCAA basketball championship in 2005?

North Carolina Tar Heels

Who is Ivory Latta?

Ivory Latta plays for Carolina Tar Heels Womens Basketball Team.

What seed was North Carolina state when they won the NCAA basketball tournament?

1 go heels

What is the nickname for the North Carolina tar heels student section at basketball games?

the tar pit

Who was the point guard for North Carolina basketball team in 1993?

The North Carolina Tar Heels have a long and rich basketball tradition. On a team loaded with talent, the 1992-93 starting point guard for the Tar Heels was 6'3' Junior Derrick Phelps.

Who won the 2009 NCAA division 1 mens basketball championship?

North Carolina Tar Heels

Which acc men's basketball team has most wins since 2005?

North Carolina Tar Heels

When has Univ of North Carolina tar heels ever played Univ of Alabama men's basketball?