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Beijing, China hosted the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

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Q: What year did Beijing host the Summer Olympic Games?
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What city will host the 2008 summer olympic games?

Beijing _nagaraj avilala

What was the host city for the Olympic games in 2008?


Which was the first us city to host the olympic summer games?

Seoul was the first city to host the Summer Olympic Games. In 1806.

Where will the 2024 Summer Olympic Games be held?

The 2024 Summer Olympic Games host city will be announced in the summer of 2015.

Did the Bahamas ever host a winter or summer Olympic Games and if so what year did they host it?

The Bahamas has never hosted an Olympic games.

When did Atlanta host the Summer Olympic games?


Which country will host the next summer olympic games?

i think the the Olympics Will host the Summer Olympics in winter

Which country will host the Summer Olympics next?

Brazil will host the next Summer Olympic games in 2016.

What year did Atlanta host the summer olympic games?

Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 1996, this being the XXVI (26th) Olympiad.

When will US host the summer Olympic games again?


What year did Tokyo host the summer Olympic games?


In what year did Tokyo host the summer olympic games?


Who was the host of the 2000 summer Olympic games?

Sydney, Australia.

When did London last host the summer olympic games?


Did Vietnam host a winter or summer olympic games?

Not yet

Which city will host the 2012 Olympic Games?

London, United Kingdom, will host the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. London, England

What was the first us city to host olympic summer games?

The United States first hosted the Summer Olympic Games in St. Louis in the year 1904.

Which year did Melbourne host the Olympic Games?

Melbourne hosted the Summer Games in 1956.

Who was the host country for the 1992 summer olympic games?

Barcelona, Spain.

When did Brazil host the olympic games?

As of the 2012 Games, Brazil has never hosted an Olympic Games, but Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the 2016 Summer Games.

Why are the Olympic games being passed onto London again?

The Olympic games are being passed onto London during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games as London are next to host the Olympics in 2012.

Who host the 1976 Summer Olympic Games?

The 1976 Summer Olympics were hosted by Montreal, Quebec and Canada.

Who will be the next host of the summer Olympic games in 2012?

London, Great Britain.

What city is scheduled to host the 2004 summer olympic games?

Athens, Greece.

Which Spanish-speaking city to host Olympic games?

1992 Summer Games: Barcelona 1968 Summer Games: Mexico City