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The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers started playing each other in 1921. It is the longest rivalry in the NFL. Chicago holds the edge with 93 wins against 89 losses, with 6 tied games.

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Q: What year did Bears and Packers start playing?
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What year did Aaron Rodgers start playing football with the Green Bay packers?

He was drafted by the Packers in 2005.

What year did Chicago Bears start playing football?

The year 1919

What year did the Packers beat the Bears for the first time?

The Green Bay Packers first ever victory versus the Chicago Bears was 9/27/1923. The Pack beat the Bears 14-10.

What year did the Green Bay Packers start playing football?

There have been football teams in Green Bay dating back to 1896, but the year the Green Bay Packers joined the what is now called the NFL was in 1921.

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What was the first year the Green Bay Packers played?

1919. The Green Bay Packers began playing football in 1919.

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What year did the greenbay packers stop playing in the Thanksgiving day game?

The Packers stopped playing regularly on Thanksgiving after the 1963 season.The first televised Thanksgiving Day game was in 1956

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