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Babe Ruth played for the Yankees from 1920-1934.

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Q: What year did Babe Ruth play on the Yankees?
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What is the value of a 1914 Babe Ruth Yankees baseball card?

1914 Babe Ruth Baseball cardA Babe Ruth 1914 Yankees card does not exist. Babe Ruth played for the Boston Red Sox in 1914. Babe Ruth did not play for the Yankees until 1920. Babe Ruth's rookie baseball card was produced by the Baltimore Sun Newspaper in 1914, and was the only Babe Ruth card issued that year. A Babe Ruth 1914 rookie card sold for $270,000 in 2008.

What year did Babe Ruth stop playing baseball for the New York Yankees?

Babe Ruth's final season with the Yankees was 1934.

What year did Babe Ruth become a New York Yankee?

Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees on December 26, 1919.

What year did Babe Ruth play?

Babe Ruth played Major League baseball from 1914-1935.

In what year did the Red Sox trade Babe Ruth to the Yankees?

Babe Ruth was traded off from the Red Sox to the Yankees on January 3, 1920 and it was called "The Bambino." Ruth was not traded but sold by the Red Sox to the Yankees. The sale price was 100,000 dollars.

Did Babe Ruth play in 1927?

Certainly, it was a big year for the home run king mark of 60 in one season by the Babe, with the Series-winning New York Yankees!

What was Babe Ruth's lowest batting average?

.288 in 1934, his last year on the Yankees.

Which team did Babe Ruth play for?

Babe Ruth played for three teams in his 22 year career. He played 6 years with the Boston Red Sox, 15 years with the New York Yankees, and 1 year with th Boston Braves.

How long did Babe Ruth play for the braves?

Babe Ruth played one year for the Boston Braves, in 1935.

What was the most Babe Ruth ever made?

Babe Ruth made $80,000. a year in 1930, and 1931 with the New York Yankees. The highest salary in his career.

Who had a two year contract for the New York Yankees in 1930 for 80000 dollars?

Babe Ruth

What teams did Babe Ruth play on?

Babe Ruth played on 3 Major League baseball teams. He played 6 Years with the Boston Red Sox, 15 years with the New York Yankees, and 1 year with the Boston Braves.

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