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The last trophy Aston Villa won was in 2001, the UEFA InterToto Cup. They beating Basel in the final over two legs.

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Q: What year did Aston Villa last win any cup?
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Who will win the carling cup manu or Aston villa?

Villa, any day

Are there any football teams that start with the letter A?

Aston Villa

Have any Portuguese players played for Aston villa?

Yes, Fernando Nelson, a right back for Portugal at Euro 96, has played for Aston Villa.

Are there any football teams beginning with a?

Yes, Arsenal, Aston Villa

Has any goalkeeper played for Aston villa and Nottingham forest?

Yes. Jimmy Rimmer played for both clubs in the 80s.

Could Aston villa win the premiership?

They need to spend a lot of money and improve there squad but cant see it happening for a good few years. Well I think any team can win the premiership but Aston Villa do have a good chance. I mean they have the players but it's just not happening for them. I'm not a Barclay's League freak who knows everything but I reckon Aston Villa might need better coaches.

Stoke compared to Aston Villa who has won more?

Historically, Aston Villa have won far more than Stoke City. Taking just the two biggest competitions, Aston Villa have won the top league, now known as the Premier League, on 7 occasions. The have also won the FA Cup 7 times. Stoke City have never won any of those. Stoke have won lots of lesser competitions, like lower league and cup titles. Aston Villa won the European Cup in 1982, which would be now known as the Champions League, the most prestigious competition for soccer clubs in Europe.

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Will Aston Villa have a new kit for 2009 - 2010 season?

Aston Villa have a new away kit. The new away kit commemorates the links between this famous old club and the national team ( Villa have provided more players to the England team since 1882 than any other club ). The navy crew neck includes fine piping in claret, while the body-fabric a subtle halved effect with fine pinstripes woven into the fabric. Last season's black and light blue away kit is retained as Villa's third choice while the home kit is unchanged. The new away kit can be ordered from their official website, check the related links for more information and a direct link.

WhichTeams in the premier league for the longest?

in the premier league (from 1992): everton, Chelsea, man utd, arsenal, Liverpool, Aston villa and tottenham (they didn't miss any premier league season until now)

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