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Iverson's first season with the 76ers was the 1996-97 season.

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Q: What year did Allen Iverson join the 76ers?
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What year did Allen Iverson join the nuggets?

On December 19, 2006, Allen Iverson was sent to the Denver nuggets by a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers.

What is the team of Allen Iverson today?

he signed with the 76ers again last year

Which nba star won rookie of the year in 1997?

Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers won Rookie of the year, in 1997.

Is Allen Iverson on nba 2k11?

Yes, he is in 2k11. Locate him in the free agency pool. He is placed there because of a 1-year deal with Philadelphia 76ers

Who had a better rookie year Allen Iverson or LeBron James?

Allen iverson

Did Allen Iverson win the rookie of the year?

yes!! Allen iverson won the rookie of the year in 97. posting 23.5ppg, 7.5apg, 4.0rpg, and 2.4spg.

Were is Allen iverson?

After beginning the season with the Memphis Grizzles Allen Iverson was waived after just three games. While with Memphis he took several games off due to "personal reasons" He was later signed by the Philadelphia 76ers, his first team and the team he played several years for. Soon there after he again started to miss games due to "personal reasons." The 76ers gave him the rest of the year off. Iverson also pulled out the NBA all star weekend after being voted in as a starter by the fans. Recently it has been revealed that Iverson has gambling and drinking problems and that he is banned from Casino's in Detroit and Atlantic City.

What year did allin iverson join the nba?


What NBA player has won both Rookie of the Year and MVP?

Denver Nuggets star Allen Iverson Steve Nash f**k Allen iverson

What year did Allen Iverson win the NCAA Championship?

1995 ,1996

What year did Allen Iverson win mvp?

After the 2000-2001 season.

What year of college did Allen Iverson enter the NBA draft?

He left after his Junior year.

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