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2009-09-11 21:15:23
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Q: What year did Alex Rodriguez 1st win an MVP with the NY Yankees?
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When did Alex Rodriguez hit his first home run of 2009?

Alex Rodriguez hit his first home run of 2009 on May 8, in Baltimore off Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie in the top of the 1st inning, with two men on base.

Who hit back to back to back home runs?

Rodriguez, Kaline, Horton - 1st inning, Tigers vs Yankees - June 27, 1972

When is Alex Wolff's birthday?

Alex Wolff's birthday is on November 1st, 1998.I know this because he is exactly a year older than me and i was born in 99.

Who are some famous athletes whose first name starts with a?

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees, 3rd basemanAlbert Pujoles, St. Louis Cardinals, 1st basebanAnthony Carmelo, NBA starAdrian Peterson, Vikings runningback, named offensive rookie of the yearAllan Iverson, Philadelphia 76ers, voted MVP 2001-2Alonzo Mourning, NBA defendive player of the year, 1999-2000

What do Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez have in common?

They can both play ShortStop and are both Future Hall-Of-Famers and are the 1st and 3rd best players of all time A-Rod's 1st of all time Jeter is Third after Babe Ruth in Second

Who is a pro baseball players?

To name one, Albert Pujols (pronounced poo-holes and yes, I understand how that sounds bad) the 1st baseman from the St. Louis Cardinals. He is also undoubtedly the best player in recent years. If you really want to impress someone, some other biggies are Alex Rodriguez (3rd baseman for the Yankees), Prince Fielder (1st baseman for the Brewers) and Tim Lincecum (pitcher for the Giants).

Who was the first black New York Yankees coach?

Elston Howard was not only the 1st Yankees Coach, BUT he was also the 1st Black Coach in the American League.

Why are the NY Yankees not winning?

They are, They are in 1st. As of the end of the 2009 season, the Yankees are World Champions.

Is alex wolff 12?

Alex Wolff is thirteen and will be 14 on November 1st.

Alex Karras was an All-Pro Defensive Tackle for what team?

Alex Karras spent his 13 year career with the Detroit Lions and was a 1st team All-Pro selection in 1960, 1961, and 1965.

What is Alex Wolf's birthday?

November 1st 1997

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