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It was established in London in the year 1877. It is considered the most prestigious tennis tournament of all the tournaments in the world. It takes place over two weeks, at the end of June and first week of July.

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I think 2002 :) :)

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AFC Wimbledon Ladies was created in 1994.

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Q: What year did AFC Wimbledon start?
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When was AFC Wimbledon created?

AFC Wimbledon was created in 2002.

What is AFC Wimbledon's nickname?

AFC Wimbledon's nickname is "The Dons"

Where is it possible to watch AFC Wimbledon?

It is possible to watch AFC Wimbledon in Kingston upon Thames, London. AFC Wimbledon are an English association football club based in London and were founded in 2002.

What was the last score between Crawley Town and AFC Wimbledon?

AFC Wimbledon 2-5 Crawley Town

Who are AFC Wimbledons biggest fans?

kurtis is afc Wimbledon biggest fan because he has been to nearly every match.written by the afc Wimbledon team.reported by jack midson , Sammy moore and seb brown.

Who played for Portsmouth against AFC Wimbledon?


What does AFC stand for in AFC Wimbledon?

Well it really doesn't stand for anything (said by one of the founders, Marc Jones, normally AFC stands for Association Football Club) but it's suggested that it would stand for "A Fan's Club".It Stands for' A Fans Club'Another Football Club in Wimbledon

What year did the NFC start playing the AFC in regular season?


Are wombles real?

no wombles are not real they are fictional creaturs.that are also the mascot to afc wimbledon football club.

Which month does Wimbledon start in?

July Month Every Year

When was Neal Ardley appointed?

Neal Ardley was appointed on 10 October 2012 as the Manager of AFC Wimbledon in England.

When did the 2012 Wimbledon Championship take place?

Wimbledon starts June 24 (and finishes July 7) 2013