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After 3 years

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Q: What year can a college player declare for the NFL draft?
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Which college basketball team had a record 5 underclassmen declare for this year's NBA draft?


Can you go into the NFL as a junior?

A college player can enter the draft after his junior year, but if he is not drafted, he cannot return to play his senior year in college.

How many players declare for the nfl draft every year on average?


Do you need a four year college degree to be a basketball player?

No. The only NBA rule involving going to college is that you must go to college for at least 1 year to be eligible for the NBA draft.

What year of college did Allen Iverson enter the NBA draft?

He left after his Junior year.

Can a college basketball player get drafted to the nba when he is 28years old?

It's possible. The rules state that a player is eligible for the NBA Draft when they are 19 years old, maintain amateur status and be one year removed from their high school graduating class. If a player were to, for whatever reason, maintain his amateur status (ie., not play basketball professionally) until he was 28 and then declare, he could be eligible for the draft. It's not a likely scenario, but it's possible.

How many years in college for NBA?

You do not have to attend college to play in the NBA. However starting in 2006 High School players cannot enter the draft until one year after graduating high school. The player must be at least 19 years old at the end of the calendar year of the draft.

What are you in your second year of college?

You are considered a sophomore. In many colleges in the U.S., this is the year to declare your major.

Do you need a degree to play in the nba?

No, however you need at least one year of college to be eligible for the draft. Unless the player chooses to graduate from high school and play overseas for a year and then enter the draft (you have to be at least 19 and out of high school for at least a year to do so).

When was Naismith College Player of the Year created?

Naismith College Player of the Year was created in 1969.

How many players enter the nfl draft?

Each year between the months of February to April about 300 nfl draft eligible collegiate football players declare to enter that years draft class....But only about 200 of these 300 college players are going to get drafted/picked by an NFL team. Then out of these 200 college players that were drafted only less than 75 % get offered a professional contract by the team that drafted them.

What is the date of the 2009 Major League Baseball draft?

June 9-1o is when the 1st year player draft is.

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