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He got drafted in 2007 he only has 5 years of experience

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Q: What year and selction was Rajon Rondo drafted?
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Was Rajon Rondo ever rookie of the year?


What year was rajon rondo a rookie?


How much does Rajon Rondo make per year?

Rondo will make a little over 1.2 million next year.

Is rajon rondo single right now in the year of 2010?

No, he has a kid.

How much money does Rajon Rondo make per year?

12.91 million

Did rajon rondo go to college?

He played at the University of Kentucky before leaving after his sophomore year to enter the NBA draft.

Did Rajon Rondo win an NBA title in his rookie year?

No. Rondo's rookie season was 2006-07 and the Spurs won the Championship ... his ring came in his second season of 2007-08.

Who is the Boston Celtics point guard?

There are currently 2 Point Guards on the Boston Celtics, one is a free agent. They are Rajon Rondo and Carlos Arroyo (Carlos Arroyo is the free agent). Rajon Rondo is under a 4 year contract right now. Carlos Arroyo is a free agent.

How many rings does rondo have?

Rajon Rondo has won one ring, in 2008 as a defensive backup. 2008 was the first year of the Big 3 era. Which ended on in 2012, when Ray Allen left to the Heat.

Is rajon rondo in illuminati?

No. Mr. Rondo, nor any other athlete, professional or amature, is not associated with a two hundred plus year defunct organization. The Illuminati does not exist. Sorry to put a pin in your paranoia bubble.

How do they pick the us olympic basketball team?

By seeing who has performed the best in that year and is available for the olympics e.g. Rajon Rondo would have been picked but he wanted to spend the summer with his family.

What are the most favorite NBA shoes that are worn today?

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse. Multiple players have PE's of this shoe, including: Rajon Rondo, Kevin Durant, Brandon Roy, Deron Williams, Russel Westbrook etc. Rajon Rondo debut this show last year in the playoffs with a bright green color way that had everyone eyes waiting for it release, however it wasn't. since then Nike has been making more colorways available for its Basket ball players

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