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Q: What year and in which city was the first modern day olympic games held?
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In what city did the morden olympic games start?

The first modern Olympic games wer in Athens, Greece.

In what city were the first modern olympic games heald in?

Athens Greece

Where were the modern olympic games held?

The first Olympic Games of the modern era took place in 1896. They were held in Athens, Greece where they were held in ancient times.

Which city hosted the first modern olympic games?

Athens, Greece in 1896.

Which city hosted the second modern Olympic Games?


Which was the first us city to host the olympic summer games?

Seoul was the first city to host the Summer Olympic Games. In 1806.

Did the colseum in Athens have anything to do with ancient Greek olympic games?

In ancient Greece Olympia was the venue for the games which took their name after this city: The Olympic games. They were not in Athens. The modern Olympic Games are different.

The Olympic flag was first flown at the Olympic games in which city?

It was first held at Sydney in Australia.

Who was first to light the Olympic flame?

The first city to light the Olympic flame was.. ATHENS, GREECE:D Hope my input helped!! :DThe first city to light the Olympic flame is always the ancient Greek city of Olympia where the Games originate from.

The modern olympic games are based on the ancient games held in the city of?

It is based on the ancient Athens games A bloke called William Penny Brookes introduced the Modern Olympic games and it stuck eg. London 2012... The first games took place in a small town called Much Wenlock(were I live!)

Which city was home to the first Olympics?

It depends on what era of the Games that your talking about. The Ancients Olympics were held at Olympia, hence the name Olympics. And in the 1800s, when the Modern Olympics started; Athens was the first city to host the new Games.

Where do the Olympic games take place and which one is first?

Olympic games were initially started in in the city of Athens in 1896