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Trevor Francis moved from Birmingham to Nottingham Forest for £1.18 million in 1979.

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Q: What year 1 st million pound player English football?
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Who was the second 1 million pound player in English football?

Steve Daley wolves to man city

Who was the first 3 million pound signing in English football?


Who was the Second 2 million pound football player?

Was it JohanCruff.

Who was Liverpool football clubs first million pound football player?

Trevor Francis - was first 1 million pound transfer in 1978.. Not So!! Giuseppe Savoldi had been the world's first £1m player when he moved from Bologna to Napoli for £1.2m in 1975

When was the first million pound football player sold?

Trevor Francis, 1979

Who was the first football transfer over 100000 between English clubs?

Sol campbell was the first british player in 2001 to earn 100k a week.

Who was the first Scottish football player to be sold for 1 million pound?

Dennis law

Who was Nottingham forest football clubs first million pound football player?

Trevor Francis, signed from Birmingham in 1979.

Who became the first 15 million pound football player?

Alan shearer ,blackburn to Newcastle utd

Who is first 100000 pound football player in English football?

Dennis Law (Scotland) was the first player to be transferred for 100,000 pounds in English Football, when he transferred from Manchester City to Torino in June 1961.Previously Jimmy Greaves signed for 99,999 pounds from AC Milan to Tottenham Hotspur because he didn't want to be the first 100,000 pound player.

Who was middlesbrough football clubs first million pound player?

Neil Cox ( right back)from Aston Villa bought by Bryan Robson

Who was Britain's first two million pound football player?

Gary Pallister . bought from Billingham Synthonium for £100,000 by middlesbrough and sold to Manchester United for $2,300,000 ?