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It depends what goes wrong

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Q: What would you do if something goes wrong when you are skydiving?
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When something goes wrong it goes arye?

When something goes wrong, it goes awry.

When was Something Always Goes Wrong created?

Something Always Goes Wrong was created in 2001.

What happens if something goes wrong with the brainstem?

We would be under the care of a neurologist,

What does mean goes wrong?

If something goes wrong, this might mean that it could produce problems. If a problem comes from something that went wrong, this can be bad news for many people.

What happens to the female reproductive system goes wrong?

You may not be able to have children if something goes wrong such as the uterus. If the uterus had something wrong with it, it may not be able to hold the baby. It really depends on what part of the female reproductive has something wrong

Why would new brakes lock up?

Whoever installed them did something wrong ! - Old aircraft mechanic rule -if something goes wrong always check the last job .

How does an insurance company earn profit?

They take money just incase something goes wrong, if nothing goes wrong, they keep money. If something goes wrong $$$ > Income, insurance prices go up.

What happens if something goes wrong in the heart?

If Something goes wrong with the heart, the vital signs will be different and will give you a hint of what may be wrong or it will make you concerned and therefor you will act to take action about it.

Why do woman like to be dominated?

because then if something goes wrong it not their fault and if something goes okay then they have someone to thank

What happen when something goes wrong in meiosis?

A mutation.

What happens if something goes wrong on a train?

It doesn't move, or derails.

Why would your crush friend-zone you?

If you are your crush's go-to person whenever something goes wrong, then you may be in the Friend Zone.

What happens to the atomic radius as atomic number goes up?

It goes up and down in a rather complicated pattern. I'm sure you were looking for something simpler, but something simpler would have the disadvantage of being wrong.

What does the middle back do in volleyball?

swear when something goes wrong

Why would it be a good idea to clone yourself?

organs, in case something goes wrong with you. who better to donate to yourself than you? it would be an exact match.

Which process allows a user to return to a previous state on the computer if something goes wrong?

On a Windows machine the system restore process allows a user to return to a previous state on the computer if something goes wrong. This allows you to restore your settings should something go wrong.

What can happen when something goes wrong with your DNA?

Mutation = Change in DNA

Do bees in a colony die?

they can die if something in the colony goes wrong. :)

What can happen if something goes wrong with your heart?

you could have an heart atack

What will happen if something goes wrong in the digestive system?

Depends on what/ how bad it goes wrong. Can be anything from getting heartburn a while, to requiring surgery and a colostomy bag.

Do you need to know any science to be a plumber?

No, but it would help if you understood what you were doing ... especially if something (anything) goes wrong.

When you are listening to something really loud your ears goes bzzzt is something wrong?

No, there is nothing wrong. This is normal. I don't know why exactly, but I know this happens to everyone.

If a boy really really liked you and he was about to kiss you and something went wrong will he still like you?

If he truley likes you and something really goes wrong, he will still like you .

How does a genetic mutation occur when the mom and dad does not have one?

If something were passed down from parents, that would be inheritance. A mutation is when something goes wrong and causes a change in the genetic structure. Mutations can be caused by radiation or chemicals or mutations can also occur "naturally" when some part of DNA replication or correction goes wrong.

If you buy a used car from an individual are they liable if something goes wrong?

no , you are stuck with what you get