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intelligent, inspiring, incredible

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Q: What would you describe Michael Jordan starting with l?
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Could Michael Jordan do McGee's double dunk?

Yes, It would be a fairly elementary dunk for Michael Jordan

Who would win in a battle Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan?

Jorden would win.

Would you get a reply if you wrote Michael Jordan?


Michael Jordan's Life?

Michael Jordan's life was porble hard cuz his dad died i would be bumed if that happped to me

How would you start a four page book report on Michael Jordan?

i Would say, you all know or heard the now and forever basketball legend Michael Jordan.

What would Michael Jordan never do?

He would never go in the pool

Could Michael Jordan beat LeBron James one on one?

Currently, no, as Michael Jordan is not in his prime. If they were both in their prime, I suspect Lebron James would win because of his strength. Michael Jordan would not be able to keep up physically with LeBron, although he would be able to keep up skill wise. Jordan would win cause of his basketball IQ

Who would Mia Hamm like to see?

Michael Jordan

What Art Would Michael Jordan Hang on his Wall?

His Teammates

What would the average page number for a book on Michael Jordan be?

a book on the carrer of Michael Jordan would be as long as the Bill Clinton book. It could even be a little bit longer.

Where would i mail a latter to Michael Jordan to?

You would go to the post office.