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Q: What would the value be on 3 separate original photos taken in 1926 of babe Ruth waite hoyt Lou gherig unsigned?
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What is the value of a unsigned photograph of ty cobb?

Type 1 (original photo) can be worth up to $1000 depending on subject. Type 2 (repro) photos are only worth about $10-$20

In 1972 Rolling Stone sold prints of some Annie Leibovitz photos and what exactly were they selling?

As I recall there was a suite of original photos (may 4 of them). I purchased her famous photo of Duane and Gregg Allman asleep on their tour bus. I think I paid about $25 for it. It is unsigned but a genuine silver print. I would really like to get it validated.

How to get back the lost photos?

You can get back lost photos by contacting people who may have a copy or a negative of the original. This will allow the photo to be reproduced much like the original.

What are the ratings and certificates for City of Photos - 2004?

City of Photos - 2004 is rated/received certificates of: India:U (original rating)

What are royalty freee photos?

Royalty free photos are photos that a person can use for free. The person does not have to pay a royalty for using the pics. Many charge a small fee that goes to the original owner.

Is there any recent original photos of shivaji bhavani sword?

What is the value of an original photo of Mussolini's execution?

value of mussolinis war photos

How do you put photos on an ipod touch without deleting others exsicting photos?

Put the new photos on the same computer the originals were from if they aren't there already. Make sure they're in the same folder you sync with normally. Connect the iPod to the same computer the original photos are on. Select the iPod in the left side-bar. Click on the Photos tab, choose All Photos or put checks next to the new photos you'd like to add. Click Sync/Apply in the lower right corner. Note: There is no supported way to sync new photos from a different computer than the original one without erasing the photo library.

How can a fan get fan mail to retired actor Dale Robertson?

I'm afraid that Dale Robertson can no longer sign his name legibly. Any mail he receives, with requests to sign photos, are now being returned unsigned.

Can you tell which of duplicate photos was the original?

usually windows puts '(1)' at the end of duplicate files

How do you spell the word that means a collection of photos in one photo?

The word for a combination of separate images in one is "collage."

Where can one find old edition photos?

Old edition photos can be found online. This enables you to preview the photos and see what others have in their collection. If you want to find original copies, your options including finding a private collector or at an art museum.