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life wouldn't be as fun and then we would still have the other sports

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Q: What would it look like if basketball had not been invented?
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Number of years after basketball that volleyball was invented?

it was 4 years

What was the size of the basketball court during 1891?

How did the basketball courts look like once they were invented?

What would life be like if the band aid was not invented?

There would be very little change. Something similar would have been invented.

Who invented the game basketball?

James Naismtih or something like that

Who invented NBA basketball and why?

James naismath because he felt like it =)

Why were high tops invented?

to walk ,run,play sports like basketball

What would it be like if an elevator had not been invented?

There would be no sky-scrapers - and our towns & cities would be covering much wider areas.

What sports did Leonardo Da Vinci like?

He didn't play sports. In this time "sports" were not like they are today. Many sports like football, basketball, soccer had not been invented yet . The ones that were invented were dice games, horse races , foot races to name a few.

Does Kobe like playing basketball?

I think he does like playing basketball, he liked soccer but now he likes basketball. If he didn't like basketball, why would he make all these buzzer-beaters. So, I think he does like playing basketball. He likes playing basketball because, he is a basketball player. I know that he likes basketball because my cousin is obsessed with him.

Would you get healthier by playing basketball or doing boxing?

They are like equal. Basketball more for running. Basketball is alot more fun.

Why do some boys like basketball?

Some boys like basketball cause it might be fun and because they can let out there anger.Also they would like the money.

Who like basketball?

Me like basketball

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