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The same thing that would happen to waves if there were no water on the planet

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Q: What would happened to skiing without friction?
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Without friction there would be?

NO friction

What is impossible without friction?

Walking, running, or any form of movement on a surface would be extremely difficult without friction. Cars would have difficulty stopping or turning without friction between the tires and the road. In general, many everyday activities would be challenging without the presence of friction.

How would life be without friction?

Without friction, it would be difficult to walk, drive, or hold objects in place. Machines would not work efficiently and sports would be very different. Overall, life would be more challenging and less predictable without friction.

Can you drink from a glass without friction?

No, it's not possible to drink from a glass without any friction. Friction is necessary for your lips to grip the glass and create a seal to prevent spillage. Without friction, the glass would slip out of your hands or the liquid would spill.

Why is skiing easy on snow?

because friction is strongest on the solidest substance, so it would be strongest on a solid, then a semisolid, then a liquid, then a is not so prevelent on snow thus gliding is easy an skiing too.

Is friction usefull in playgrounds?

Friction is fascinating because in so many situations we try to reduce friction, but friction is a necessary force, without which everything would be impossible. Without friction we would all be flat on the floor without any methods of directing our motion. We would randomly collide with things and then continuing moving in another direction. Without friction the slide at the playground would be really fast, but you could never climb the ladder to get on it. The swings would be useless since no one could get into them. So friction is necessary for playgrounds.

Would walking impossible without rolling friction?

Yes it would, thank God for rolling friction

Do you need friction for typing on a keyboard . why?

Because without friction, it would not be successful when typing!

Jack is going skiing does he need high or low friction between his skis and the snow?

low friction

What would happen to your shoelaces if there was no friction?

If there was no friction, your shoelaces would not stay tied, as friction between the laces and knots is what keeps them in place. Without friction, the laces would easily slip and come undone.

Can you drink out of a glass without out friction?

No, drinking out of a glass without any friction would be nearly impossible. Friction between your lips and the glass is necessary to create a seal, allowing you to sip and drink. Without this friction, the glass would slip and make it difficult to maintain contact while drinking.

Why would jack need low friction between his skis and the snow?

Jack would need low friction between his skis and the snow to minimize resistance and allow for smoother, faster gliding on the snow. Lower friction can help improve Jack's speed and performance when skiing downhill or on flat surfaces.