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It would be a disaster.

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Q: What would happen if a school district cut the sports program?
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Need a name for a partial day program?

After school program Music Lessons Sports

Does every public school have to offer a sports program?

Every school in the United Kingdom has to offer a sports program, not so sure about the United States and any other country

How you can admission my child in sport school please suggest?

Each school district has their own rules and regulations regarding sports. To enroll your child in sports, you will need to visit the local school and fill out paperwork.

Do you need to have insurance to participate in high school sports?

No, high school sports are covered for liability by the school program. There are insurance dues that are paid that contribute to this nine times out of ten.

What happens when a student plays sports for a public school in a district that they don't reside in?

It won't have an impact on your position.

Who is known as the golden girl in indian sports?

In 1976 the Kerala State Government started a Sports School for women, and Usha was chosen to represent her district.

How many schools allow 6th graders to have sports in school?

most schools have a great afterschool sports program. but depending on the school and where you live plays a big part in the difficulty level and selections of sports.

Which colleges major in VERY good animal science and sports program?

LSU, good school

Can you play sports at a public school if you go to a private school?

It depends on the school and the public school district in your area. My understanding is that a co-op has to be formed. This is an official understanding between the administration of the two entities. For example, in our district, the public schools will only agree to co-op in sports in which they need players (e.g., wrestling and track) or that are highly individual (gymnastics, swimming). They will not sign a co-op for the more competitive sports in our area such as hockey, soccer, etc.

What sports does Gatorade sponsor?

Gatorade sponsors many sports from basketball to soccer and more. They also have sponsorships for high school students and a player of the year program.

What kind of program is Sports center?

The program called Sports Centre is a very popular program that deals with sports. Sports Centre is a daily sports broadcast show on ESPN which is used to show what has been happening in sports.

What has the author Harry J McCabe written?

Harry J McCabe has written: 'Identification of essential elements of a model middle school sports program and an assessment of current practices in Ohio middle and junior high school sports programs' -- subject(s): School sports, Middle schools