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A sprint is a short running race at speed. A marathon is a long distance running race, when stamina is more important that sprinting. Whichever race a competitor takes part in, the goal is to win. Therefore, the answer is the marathon.

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Q: What would cover a long distance sprint or marathon?
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How many meters in a marathon?

A marathon's distance is 42.195 km which would be 42195meters.

Would you sprint in a long distance race?


Why does a 100M sprinter need muscle strength?

Sprinters use muscular strength/ power to get a good powerful and strong start from the starting blocks and also to sprint as hard as they can as usually sprinters cover a relatively short distance (100/200m). sprinting is also an anaerobic activity, if aerobic (such as marathon running) then muscular ENDURANCE would be required instead of muscular STRENGTH. However, when marathon running anaerobic respiration is needed as a final sprint towards the finish line.

Orinally a marathon race was exactly 26 miles long but in 1908 the distance was extended by 385 yards w hy was the distance change and by who?

Because in 1908 when the marathon was ran in England the queen wanted to see the marathon go by her and so it was extended so it would go by her palace.

How much does Sprint long distance service cost?

Sprint Long Distance service depends on which country one would like to make a call to. The price is different depending on whether the call is made to a landline or a mobile phone.

An event where your body would mainly use its aerobic energy is?

it is either a marathon a rugby match a 100 meter sprint a netball match or a resistance training work out

A candy bar meaning a long distance race?

That would be the Marathon Bar, manufactured by the Mars candy company.

What is the best workout for half- marathon?

It should be just running long distance every day. I would recommend it

How do you say marathon in Swahili?

No word for it. A Swahili speaker would simply say "marathon.": Nimeshindania marathon, I competed in a marathon.

If you cover a given distance in a moment that would be your average speed true or false?

Average speed = distance/time

How far is a 40 k run?

40 K would probably mean 40 kilometers (or 25 miles), which is almost the distance of a marathon.

How many calories would a marathon runner burn on a marathon run?


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