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the best dirt bike would be a 250cc 2 stroke

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โˆ™ 2010-08-18 13:16:19
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Q: What would be the best dirt bike for a 5'4 135 lb girl?
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What is the best dirt bike for a 7th grader?

The best dirt bike for a would be a Honda CRF 100 for a male and a CRF 70 for a girl. Of course the real size of the bike depends on the size and experience of the rider.

What are some things that a girl that is a tomboy what would she like for her birthday?

A dirt bike or somethin like that

What is the best kind of dirt bike for a 17 year old girl?

it depends on what she's using it for, how tall she is, and her experience level. if she's beginning and average height i'd say a 100/125/150 4 stroke would do the trick.

I am a 15 year old 5'9 girl what size dirt bike should i get?

a two fifty

Who was the first girl to do a back flip on a dirt bike?

jolene van vugt both ramp to dirt and ramp to ramp

I am a 13 yr old 110 lb girl what size dirt bike should I get?

you should get a 80-125

Does Robert Pattinson Skype?

I have no idea though probably not, he probably has a twitter. -dirt bike girl

I am 5'4 and about 120 pounds and wanting a good dirt bike what kind would be best for a girl of my size and is there a brand and website you recommend?

a 230 might be a good bike to start with i ride a 250 and im 6 foot and 160 pounds so yeah somthing small might be good to start with or a 125 might be good and the brand of the bike will also matter on size so yeah and get a four stroke its easier to maintain

What are some names for professional girl dirt bike riders?

Jolene van vugt, Tarah Geiger, Ashley fiolek

I'm a 16 year old girl and weigh 130 pounds 60 kg And 5'2 160 cm My question is what size dirt bike is right for me I want a Kawasaki?

The best way to determine the right bike is to go into a showroom so that you can check suitability of a seat height and engine size

Is it safe for girls to ride dirt bikes?

Yes i am a girl and i ride dirt bikes all the time! just practice on a mini dirt bike before going up a ....... level. or gear. get used to it before anything. wear a helmet, chest pretector and gloves.

What was that movie where the girl cut her hair and pretended to be her brother and to win the dirt bike race?

Motocrossed! is the 2001 Disney Channel Original Movie that you are referring to.

What did Gibson Girl would most likely try to do?

Ride a Bike

What would a 10 year old girl like for a present?

a bike, clothes, dolls,

Who is the actress in dirt girl world?

The dirt girl actress is maree lowes

Is a 50cm bike good for a 13 year old girl its a BMX type bike 20'' would it be good for a 13 year old girl i need the answer as soon as possible it is an emergency thanks?


When was Red Dirt Girl created?

Red Dirt Girl was created on -20-04-03.

Who is the girl who flashes joe dirt?

Bree Turner is the girl who flashes Joe Dirt near the Grand Canyon.

Is jaces bike a girl bike..........?


When was Girl - Magic Dirt album - created?

Girl - Magic Dirt album - was created in 2008-07.

What is the best birthday present you ever received?

For me it had to be my first bike when I was 5. It was pink with tassels and a white basket at the front. It also had a bell on it, and a seat at the back for my toys. Any little girl would have loved it.

What should you get for my birthday?

It really depends if you are a child,adult, guy or girl. if i was a guy or a man i would want a Honda dirt bike or quad. if i was a girl child i would want barbies and dolls maybe a pantecho duo cell phone (full keybord). if you were a girl teen i would want a iPhone a credit card (with lotts!) Ohio state and duke girls lacrosse tickets and a makeover to look amazingly sexyy and to lose a couple of pounds like for a gym membership. i would also want moneyy!:) anyway yeahh! and not to go to skool it sucks balls! ugh

Who is the oil girl on Joe Dirt?

Elisa Leonetti is the actress who played the oil girl in the movie Joe Dirt. In the movie she kissed the character Joe.

What size road bike would a girl that is 5'6 need?

A 54cm or 55cm frame depending on what you find comfortable.

What size of bike for a 5 year old girl?

A very small bike