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It's not so much the FPS, anything above 500 FPS is fine, it's the size of the pellet and knockdown power that you are looking for. Pellets come in different shapes. I would use a hollow point pellet. It's a cross between a flat and BB pellet. They are made by Gamo, I believe. Or I would not use 177 pellets for hunting but 20 or 22 caliber pellets. They are a bit slower in FPS than 177 but have greater knock down power and a cleaner kill. Remember the gun must be made for 20 or 22 caliber if this is what you want. I have shot rabbits with a 177 pointed pellet at 1000 FPS and it went right through him. He hopped away and died. The pellet didn't hit anything it just went through him.

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Q: What would be an ideal fps for a pellet gun if you wanted to shoot birds chipmunks etc?
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