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There isn't one.

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Q: What would be a disadvantage to participating in lifetime sports?
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What precautions should someone who needs a respirator take when participating in sports?

Someone using a medical respirator isn't going to be participating in sports, since they would be seriously injured. Industrial respirators for harsh environments aren't used in sports, either.

What sports are considered lifetime sports?

Lifetime sports are those which are enjoyed by the young and the old. Sports which can be enjoyed at various intensity levels: golf and tennis are excellent examples. Soccer would not be considered a lifetime sport because it involves so much running. American football would not be considered a lifetime sport because it involves both running and tackling. The "soft" martial arts such as Tai Chi and KungFu are considered lifetime sports while the "hard" martial arts such as taekwondo, judo and karate are not because they involve strikes and grappling.

What sports would big muscles be a disadvantage?

In endurance sports. If you don't need the strength, big muscles are simply more to lug around.

Do you use do or play or go with different sports?

It would be play, as the sentence would read for example, 'Do you play different sports?','Pintsinker has played many different sports in his lifetime', or even 'Pintsinker is hopeless at playing different sports'.

What are lifetime sports?

A lifetime sport is any sport you do over the course of your life. Such things would be golf or swimming. You can start those at an early age and play or compete all through out your lifetime.

How many girls want to play on the same sports team as boys?

I would say that it would depend on the sport in question. In some sports, sex of the players is of no advantage/disadvantage. Otherwise, the question is to vague for a real answer.

What would last a lifetime?

A life would last a lifetime.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of team sports and individual games?

The advantages of team sports are you get to learn sportsmanship, and how to work with others to win a game. A disadvantage is one person can take all the glory. An advantage in an individual sport would you being recognized for what you did not a whole team (IE: Arnold Schwarzenegger). the disadvantage is you would be your not learning how to work with others.

If you wish to pay exactly the same premium each year you would chose a participating policy?

participating policy

What would you never see at war?

Switzerland participating ...

Advantage and disadvantage of tidal barrage?

Advantage: would help me with me algebra. Disadvantage: would give me bad hayfever.

How much does the Jonas brothers travel?

More than you would in a lifetime More than you would in a lifetime

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