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They are the same - most football boot / Rugby boots have the same foot sizes - However, there are some rugby boots that sit higher in the ankle than football boots to protect the ankle from stud damage. Added to this many newer Rugby boot makes carry a 10 stud configuration (6 in the sole 4 in the heel) for great grip for the push factor they also have studs all the same length as the heel studs for the same reason

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Q: What would a size 11 and a half in soccer cleats be in rugby boots?
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Can you use soccer cleats in rugby?

Yes you can as soccer cleats are versatile cleats, but i would recommend football cleats as they have a higher ankle providing more support.

What are the best boots for playing both rugby and football?

Well i would prefer cleats over boots...

What are some good soccer cleats for kicking footballs?

why would you use soccer cleats for football

What does soccer cleats do?

Soccer cleats provides the appropriate grip to the turf or ground. They would not be used on solid ground as they would not break the surface to afford the player grip.

Who wears the Nike park fg soccer boots?

I don't think anyone would, the Nike Park boots are not upper end cleats. You may be thinking about Nike Tiempo, which are cleats with a variety of levels.. There are number of players who have worn them, as I have seen in pictures (a past number 11 and 8...) but I'm not sure now.

What is a soccer kick in rugby?

no such thing. - The equivalent kick in soccer and rugby would be the placed penalty kick.

What is the difference between soccer shoes and soccer cleats?

Coming from a 10 year travel soccer player; soccer shoes have a different texture on the; soccer shoes- flat on the bottom / Soccer cleats- have like things on the bottom that would help stay in the ground

Can you wear lacrosse cleats for soccer?

I would say you can. They would have better ankle support!

How do you clean leather soccer cleats?

just a leather cleaner would work.

What are the differences between soccer cleats and baseball cleats?

All styles of cleats are different depending on brand and preference. The main difference between soccer cleats and cleats for baseball is a "toe spike". Baseball cleats have a spike at the front of the foot, where the toes are to provide traction when taking off running in dirt, whereas, soccer cleats do not have this toe spike, because it would be hard to kick a ball off the ground properly without it getting stuck in the ground. Also soccer cleats are usually more "form fitting" or will have a more sleek and tighter feel to them since you play soccer with your feet, this allows for maximum feeling of control

Are the spikes on soccer cleats necessary?

Yes. Without them, it would be easier to slide and be unsafe. The cleats, or spikes make it easier to grip the ground.

What is the best football boots for left back?

for left back it would be low low lying cleats. They are normal boots but with smaller cleats because the bigger the cleats the slower you run because it has less traction. And if the opposing team is about to score you need to help and get there faster than other players.

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