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$150- 350

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โˆ™ 2013-05-04 21:52:03
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Q: What would a replica Olympic 2000 torch be worth?
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What is the value of a 1996 olympic torch?

being a torch bearer in the 96 Olympic games i would value it as priceless

What is the copper thing they are carrying in the Olympic ceremony?

That would be the torch, I believe.

What is the latin word for torch?

Answer There are actually possible several words. Olympic Torch would be Fax Olympica (fax facis facem); Olympic Flame would be Flamma Olympica (flamma flammae flammam).

How much is a replica 1778 spanish milled 20 dollar bill worth?

If it is a replica, not much. The only value in replica currency is the materials it is made out of, for an example a silver seated liberty quarter replica would be worth no more than its silver content, regardless of what date it said on the coin because it is a replica.

What is the difference between a replica and an original 9mm gun?

A collector would want the original. Sometimes (Most) the original is worth more than the replica.

What is a 2 cent stamp worth?

I books of 22 k gold replica stamps and i would like to know how much they are worth

How much would a NFC championship ticket 1986 be worth?

Around $120 if its authentic 40.00 if its a replica

How much would a Kobe Bryant rookie jersey be worth?

An Original? Would be thousands probably. A replica hundred or 2 probably

Which is worth more the gold in a 22kt stamp replica or the replica?

Probably the replica, but really, collectors are not interested in them. The gold ones have almost no real gold, such a thin layer that it would take thousands of them to get a measurable amount. And who wants a replica stamp? Collectors want the real thing, not a fake.

Who will light the olympic torch?

The person who will light the torch is Boris Johnson since he is the Mayor and he has a lot to do with the Olympics. Also after the Olympic games they are thinking about demolishing it because Spurs want it for their training stadium but also West Ham want it as well they said they would only want half of the Olympic stadium and the rest of can be used for athletics.

How much would a 1886 Stradivarius violin be worth?

Considering that the real Stradivarius died in 1737, what you have is a replica. If it's in playable condition, it's worth maybe $200.

What is the purpose of the torch relay?

Since the first Olympic games celebrated in the modern time, the Olympic Torch has become symbol of the peace between the continents (as well as the Olympians, that share this role in our modern celebration). It would b soooo kool to run in that relay. Imagine da hype you'd feel after doing that!!

Who lights the torch and who did they decide would light the torch?


How much worth Mississippi 100 dollar note 1862?

A genuine specimen would be incredibly valuable, but odds are that it's a replica. Have it authenticated.

How much would it cost to build a replica Titanic today?

It would cost approximately $500 million to build a replica Titanic in 2016.

How much is an American mint 1933 gold eagle replica worth?

Depends. Since it is a replica, it has no collector value at all. However, replicas are sometimes made in good metal and so its worth whatever the melt value of the coin is. If it was made in 90% gold like the original and had the same dimensions, it would be worth ~$1,500 in gold scrap. If it was minted in 90% silver it would be worth about ~$20 in silver scrap. If it was minted in a base metal (copper, lead, etc.) and was gold plated, it would be next to worthless and only worth a couple of bucks as a curiosity if even that.

How much is a dan marino football jersey worth?

A replica would cost about $80, Premier $125, and an authentic Dan Marino Throwback jersey would cost even more. If any of these are autographed it is worth several hundred dollars.

Value of Jordan signed 1992 olympic basketball?

It is probubly worth as much as you want I would sell it for 1,250$

Back beast back and he waves a lighted torch at Shrek what does Shrek do to the torch?

He would spit on it.

Would solar power work if you shone a torch on it?

Not really. A little, but it does not radiate enough rays to make power. Also it would pollute the earth so much if people did this, it would not be worth it anyways.

Who would win in a fight the human torch or iceman?

That one's a no brainer. Human torch every time.

What is the value of a replica 1996 half pound silver dollar?

In 1996, a half pound silver dollar was circulated. The actual silver dollar is worth around 250 to 300 dollars, because it is around 99 percent silver. A replica of this coin is only worth the amount of silver that it is made with, which would likely be just a few dollars at most.

How much would a signed New England Patriots shirt be worth?

It depends on the shirt (t-shirt, replica jersey, authentic jersey, etc.), it's condition and who signed it.

Can a torch set off a fire sprinkler?

Yes, if you mean a "torch" with a flame, such as a propane or butane torch. An electric flashlight, known as a torch in British English, would not have enough heat to set off an ordinary sprinkler.

What words mean the same thing as replica?

=I would say clone=