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The 1916 Olympic Games were cancelled due to the outbreak of World War I.

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Q: What world events caused the olympic games to be cancelled in 1916 1940 and 1944?
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What significant historical events caused the Olympic games to be cancelled?


What Olympic games were cancelled because of the Olympic games?

the olympic games, of course!

Why was the 1940 olympic games cancelled?

the 1940 olympic games were cancelled due to world war 2

Did wars effect the olympic games?

WWI cause the 1916 Olympic Games to be cancelled. WWII cause the 1940 and 1944 Olympic Games to be cancelled.

Where were the Olympics held in 1916?

Though the 1916 Olympic Games were scheduled to be held in Berlin, World War I caused the Olympic Gamesto be cancelled

Olympic events that caused tension at the '80 winter games?

ice hockey

Why was the fifth Olympic Games cancelled?

The fifth Olympic Games, to be held in Berlin in 1916, were cancelled due to World War I.

Who cancelled the olympic games in 1916?

The IOC.