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Q: What words were whispered into the ears of Darius after the ionian revolt?
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Where the words tete-a-tete originated?

French words meaning a private whispered conversation between two people

What are some more interesting words for said?

Averred, exposited, blabbered, held forth, orated, whispered

What are some words to replace said?

Some words to replace "said" include: stated, exclaimed, whispered, and declared.

What other words can take the place of the word he says?

he: said yelled whispered commented screamed echoed shuttered all depends on how the persons mood is ex: if the boy is mad then say he yelled but if the boy is scared say he whispered

Which words means act against?

revolt, resist, oppose

Other words than said?

gasped, cried, explained, bloated, bellowed,yelled,shouted,replied,whispered,agreed

What 3 words mean the same as the word said?

It depends on how something was uttered. Uttered, whispered, yelled, requested, replied.

What words can you use in writing dialogue instead of using 'state'?

said, remarked, agreed, announced, whispered, shouted, yelled

What were the 3 words from The Walking Dead episode 5?

If you mean what Dr. Jenner whispered into Rick's ear, it was: We're all infected.

What are 10 words that can replace said?

asserted, exclaimed, stated, declared, whispered, mentioned, replied, uttered, conveyed, articulated

Is whispered a noun?

No, the word 'whispered' is a verb, the past participle, past tense of the verb to 'whisper'. The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.The word 'whisper' is both a verb and a noun.The noun 'whisper' is a word for words spoken softly and privately; a word for a thing.Example uses:Jane whispered the man's name I'd forgotten into my ear. (verb)I heard whispered rumors that their marriage is in trouble. (adjective)You can hear the breeze whisper in the trees. (verb)There's not a whisper of news about the new CEO. (noun)

What is the antonym for rebel?

Obedience, surrender, and calm are words. Those are the opposites of revolt.