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describe an athlet thanks you admine and explain why admin the athlets

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Q: What words describe the great athlete?
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What are some verbs describe an athlete?

Verbs are not describing words; verbs are action words. Adjectives describe nouns, athlete is a noun.

What words describe how an athlete moves that starts with c?


Words that describe what an athlete is doing?

Swimming cathching oaring running

Words that describe a top athlete that starts with the letter o?


What words describe an athlete?

Courageous Healthy Strong Fit Stable Confident Competitive

What words describe a good time?


Is great an adverb?

Not usually. The word "great" is an adjective as is used to describe a noun.Example: "He is a great athlete".You may be able to use it informally as an adverb as in: "He did great." Here, "great" would describe a verb (did). The formal adverb is "greatly" e.g. "He has greatly improved as a writer."

Words that describe Broadway?

The Great White Way

Words that describe Alexsander the great?

There is a multitude of words that might be used to describe Alexander the Great. Many used by famed historians might be similar to:BrilliantBraveHonorableCourageousPowerfulRuthlessVigorous

What words can be formed in the word athlete?

Words that can be made with the letters in athlete are:aahaleatateeateelelatehahalehalthathatehehealheatheellatelathelealeelettaletatteatealteatthatthethee

What are the qualifications to compete as an athlete in the Olympics?

be of a great athlete

What are some words to describe anne frank?

There are a great many words that have been used to describe Anne Frank. These words include smart and determined.

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