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Self Contained Under Breathing Apparatus

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Q: What words are the basis of scuba?
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What words were telescoped to form scuba?

Scuba is an acronym for - self contained under water breathing apparatus

Can acronyms be words?

Yes. Scuba is both an acronym and a word.

What legal requirements do you need to scuba dive?

There are no legal requirements to scuba dive. In other words, anyone can scuba dive without breaking a law (assuming you are not doing an illegal underwater activity such as illegal fishing). However, if you are not certified, you will not be able to rent or buy equipment or get someone to fill your scuba cylinder.

Is it proper grammar to use scuba or SCUBA?

Either, depending on context. Usually, if used as a noun it is SCUBA; as an adjective, as in scuba diver, it is just scuba.

What is a scuba diver?

Scuba Diver. n.One who uses scuba gear in underwater swimmingIn other words, they're people who dive underwater in wetsuits usually with oxygen tanks on their backs so that they can breathe, and goggles on so that they can see stuff underwater.

What is swimming with an aqualung and flippers called?

It's called scuba diving.It's called scuba diving.It's called scuba diving.It's called scuba diving.It's called scuba diving.It's called scuba diving.

What are the Latin words for combat scuba diver?

Aliquam pugna diver is "combat scuba diver" in Latin. The Latin word pugna actually means fighter. Since Latin is a dead language and very old, the words are not exactly translated.

Who do you call a swimmer using flippers and a mask begging with a s and it is two words?

A scuba diver.

Do scuba diver have back bones?

A scuba diver is a human who enjoys scuba diving. Therefore, a scuba diver has a spine and is a vertebrate.

How do people learn to scuba dive?

They take scuba lessons from a certified scuba instructor.

Is scuba a verb?

No, but "scuba-diving" is a verb.

What was scuba equipment used for?

scuba diving...

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