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Q: What word is the act of leaving or retiring from a job?
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What is a word for the act of leaving or retiring from a job?

Quitting, Resignation, Resigning.

Is the word retire a verb?

Yes, "retire" is a verb. It is an action word that describes the act of leaving one's job or position permanently, especially due to reaching a certain age or desired level of financial security.

Is randy Jackson actually retiring American Idol?

yes randy jackson is retiring american idol because he has got promoted a new job so now their looking for a new judge. I'm sad he's leaving

How do you word the reason for leaving your last job when the next job is the same position?

is the drive to work shorted? is the job for more money?

If you are retiring but going to work in the summer for the company that you work for now can you also collect unemployment?

You can not collect unemployment if you are retired or working.

What job did Jordan's father on crossing Jordan have before retiring?


How do you spell rettiement?

The likely word is retirement (life after leaving a job or career, with or without a pension).

Did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 address sexual harassment on the job?

This law, however, did not specifically address sexual harassment on the job, leaving the issue in a legal gray area.

What is the word that describes the act of getting a job because of who you know?

Nvm I remember. I was looking for the word nepotism.

On the TV show Crossing Jordan what job did Jordan father have before retiring?


What websites should I visit to get retirement gift ideas for someone leaving the job due to ill health?

When people are retiring they are not thinking about working at all for that day or ever again. Giving them something they can cherish forever would be nice with out having them working.

How to give a speech on the farewell party of a army officer?

Farewell speeches are given for different occasions, when someone is leaving home or retiring from a job. The speech should start with a joke, hook line, or a quote and be an emotional tribute and share appreciation for the person.