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Q: What woods are used to make claves?
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What are claves normally used for?

Claves are a type of percussion instrument. They are essentially two short pieces of wooden dowels which when struck together make a clicking noise. They are often used in Cuban music to produce a rhythmic beat.

Where are the claves from?

Claves are from the middle east

When are Brazilian rose wood claves used?

Claves are often used in Latin music (salsa, tango, rhumba etc.) and South American folk songs. They provide tone to the percussion section.

What type of material are claves made of?

Well, Claves are a percussion instrument, and they're made of wood.

How did graville t woods make the iPod?

they used tecnigaey

What is the part of the Claves in a samba band?

The claves are sticks that are used to play out one of several distinct rhythmic patterns that gives the number its character as a specific type of dance or song. The patterns are sometimes complex and the differences among similar 'claves' can be subtle. The instruments and voices play with the clave rhythms to produce very engaging and hypnotic effects.

Are papyrus and wood used to make Egyptian boats?

Actually papyrus were used to make paper, and were scarcely used on boats, but woods were indeed used to make boats

What is scroll saw used for?

They are used to make very intricate and patterned cuts in thin woods.

What instruments are in somebody that i used to know?

bongos. the claves. the jfhgjkdfhgk. also the jsdhflakwrjfgilhni. it includes sjdhjkkweikxnwts as well. your welcome

Are claves tuned or untuned?

i dont think they are.

What does tango and claves mean?

tangos are terrorists.

How many woods are used to make furniture?

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