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I only answer gramatically correct questions.

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Q: What wood was tennis rackets made from?
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What were Victorian tennis rackets made of?


Who made up the game of tennis?

The Romans made up the game tennis but they used wooden tennis rackets.

How are Prince tennis rackets made?

Like regular rackets, and that can be found in another Answers question.

Who made tennis?

The game of tennis was originally played on northern France, however, they did not use rackets. Rackets came around in the 16th century.

What is a tennis racket made of?

i think tennis rackets are made from composite material witch consists of a mixture of graphite and boron from gilly rackets are made of graphite,titanium and carbon fibre

What are tour tennis rackets?

Tennis rackets used on tour, by the professional players

Which is better for professional tennis players wooden rackets or metal rackets?

Metal rackets because they are made of tougher substances and last longer.

What was the first tennis rackets string made out of in history?

They were made out of SHEEP GUTS!!!

Where can you purchase cheap tennis rackets?

One can purchase cheap tennis rackets from dicks sporting goods. They have a great selection of tennis rackets at a cheap affordable price for all levels of tennis from beginners to professional rackets.

Where can one purchase Wilson tennis rackets?

You can purchase Wilson tennis rackets from stores such as Walmart and Target. Alternatively, you can purchase Wilson tennis rackets from retailers such as Amazon.

Which tennis rackets have middle strings made out of coal?

From what I've there no such thing as tennis rackets with middle strings made out of coal! I just think people are saying that because they've heard from someone!

What is made of boron?

tennis rackets and heat resistant glass and cleaning supplies

What are tennis rackets made from?

string and either metal or wooden frames and handles

How do we use tennis rackets today?

To play tennis

What is the difference between a tennis racket and a badminton racket?

Badminton rackets are much smaller the rackets are made to hit light objects like the shuttle cock. These rackets do not have as much broad frame as one of tennis. they are much cheaper.

Can tennis rackets have steel strings?

no not that I am aware of but there are gold plated rackets

Why is carbon used in tennis rackets?

It is very lightweight and strong making it a more sensible option for tennis rackets.

Why do they make tennis rackets out of aluminum?

Aluminum is durable. It is also light weight compared to other materials such as wood.

Why is aluminum used for tennis rackets?

Aluminium was commonly used for tennis rackets because of its light weight properties and resistance meeting standards. Although today Aluminium has become almost "obsolete" with the composite rackets, mostly made of carbon and graphite.

What is the advantage of a tennis racket being made out of graphite rather than wood?

Graphite racket allow for larger, lighter rackets with more feel/control as well as power.

Can you say 'these tennis racket and ball'?

No, it's 'these tennis rackets and ball'

Why is tennis rackets made by carbon fiber reinforced plastic?

its so the racket is light weight

How many tennis rackets in stock are metal if there are 55 in stock and three fifths are metal?

If three fifths of the 55 tennis rackets in stock are metal, then 33 of the 55 tennis rackets are metal. 3/5 * 55 = 33.

What were old badminton rackets made of?

Early badminton rackets were made of bent wood for a frame, leather strips as a handle, and string, maybe wires, as the surface which the birdie was hit.

Does tennis string rackets when you order?

It can if you want them to