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Q: What womens field hockey team is headed to the Olympic Games next summer?
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Which country won the first Olympic Gold Medal in Womens field hockey?

Zimbabwe at the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow.

Who won womens olympic hockey?

Hockey or women's Field Hockey was won by the Netherlands

When did womens ice hockey become an olympic sport?

In July of 1992, it was deciedd that women's hockey should take place in the Olympics. The first games of women's olympic hockey started in the 1998 winter olympics.

What are the names of the mens and womens hocky Australian olympic teams?

The women's hockey team is called The Hockeyroos.

How long is womens olympic field hockey?

2 35 minute halves with a 5 or so minute break

How many gold medals has Canada won in womens Olympic ice hockey?

Two (2), in 2002 and 2006.

What is the highest score in sport history?

it was 18 goals in hockey by the Canadian womens olympic hockey team. so many goals... so little quarters

Average age of a rookie on the US womens olympic hockey team?

Dont know but they're all 5s or 6s tops.

Which country won the most gold medals in Olympic ice hockey?

Canada = 9 gold medals. (mens and womens teams combined.)

How is mens hockey different from womens hockey?

Men are good

Headed the womens army corps?

When and which army

In which Olympic womens first participated?

The 1900 Olympic Games in Paris.