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Q: What winter sport uses gates for winter Olympics?
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Which winter olympic sport uses gates?

The skiing events, downhill, slalom, giant slalom, etc

Which sport event uses gates?

Alpine skiing uses gates.

What winter sport uses brakes?

an Olympic sport=the skeleton

What sport in the 2010 Olympics uses brakes?


Name a sport that uses artistic abilities in the Olympics?


Did tony hawk completed in the Olympics?

no he did not his profession is vert skating which means he uses a lot of halfpipes and skateboarding is not a sport in the olympics.

Which winter sport uses an off-side rule?

Ice hockey

What winter olympic sport uses the longest skiis?

Ski Jumping

Which sport played on ice uses brooms rocks and sliders?

Curling. a traditional American sport that is popular and was played in the Olympics

What winter Olympic sport uses artistic abilites?

Figure Skating and the Halfpipe.

Which winter sport uses the most energy?

Probably snowboarding uses most energy because its hard and you have to train a lot.

Why people like Fencing?

Fencing is one of the longest-running sports in history. In addition to that, it is one of only four Olympic sports that has had a place in the Olympics every four years since the beginning of the modern Olympics. Fencing is not only a sport that uses swords, it uses three different kinds of swords.