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Q: What winter olympic sports are austria good at?
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What olympic sports are Morocco good at?

morocco is good at taekwondo.

What olympic sports are Italy good at?

Fencing (Foil)

What is a topic sentence for summer and winter olympic games?

a good topic sentence would be the summer and winter olympic games are importent to the Olympics because these are some suporting details

How do you get into the winter Olympic games?

You have to be really good, and be recognized and do a lot of competitions.

Is Mario and sonic at the winter olympic game good on ds?


Which olympic sports might Robin Hood have been very good at?


What are the olympic sports and events called?

hi people you did good you tred your best

Who is in the Olympics?

Any country that has athletes that are good enough to compete in Olympic sports.

Why are Sweden people so good at winter sports?

Long winter = too much time for practising

What is the best state to do winter sports in?

Colorado and Vermont are good winter vacation areas for snowboarding and skiing.

Who is involved in the Olympics?

Any country that has athletes that are good enough to compete in Olympic sports.

Is Miami good?

It's great if you want to be in Florida. It's not so good for winter sports.

What sports do Canadians like?

canadians tend to prefer winter sports like skiing and snow boarding because they are good at them

What sports don't Germans do?

Germans are good at winter sports.Cliff-diving, surfing, baseball, softball, cricket.

The place called the YMCA I was wondering if you guys had any popular sports for the winter time?

Basketball was made for winter but football is good to

What Olympic sports are Australians good at?

Australia has won their most medals in swimming, athletics, cycling, and rowing.

What are some good winter vacations spots?

If a person really loves winter and winter sports, then Colorado has tons of great vacation spots in the mountains. There are also a number of places in New England which are perfect for winter lovers.

What are good points for using fleece for a hat?

It is warm and comfortable. you can use the hat for most winter sports to!

Why did they have the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver?

Any city is free to submit a bid to act as an Olympic site in any given year, and the International Olympic Committee considers all bids and chooses the one that they think is the best. Vancouver won the bid for the 2010 winter Olympics. So what was so good about their bid? Only the International Olympic Committee knows for sure.

What time of year is it good to go skiing in Austria?

In the winter time! Go in mid-January when it is coldest. Or in February if you don't want it to cold.

Is France good at bobsledding in the winter Olympics?

They are OK but haven't won many medals. Prior to the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, France has won 1 medal in Olympic competition. That was a bronze in four man at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano.

How did England prepare for the Olympic games?

100 people on there best sports there where good at and over 1000 people came to watch and then it got big

Why did Baron Pierre Johnson bring the Olympic games back?

To develop the spirit of good sports manship which could be used in other activities

Why is Australia hot in winter?

Australia is not hot in winter. There are many good skiing and winter sports areas in Australia's high country, while snowfalls are common in winter in the Blue Mountains and the NSW central highlands towns such as Orange. The southern area of Australia is quite cold in winter.

What sports are played the most in Norway?

Football (soccer) is definitely the most famous summer sport in Norway. There are several popular winter sports, but Norwegians are very good in cross country skiing, and that's a popular sport in Norway. We're one of the best winter sports nations in the world in sports such as ski jumping, biathlon and cross country. But to answer your question I have to say soccer.