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Q: What winter olympic bobsledding events are there?
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Name 12 winter your summer olympic events?

tell me what it is don't make me tell youu geeze

Winter olympic sports?

skiing, bobsledding, luge, hockey

Where was bobsledding?

Bobsledding originated in Switzerland in 1890 and became an Olympic event in 1924. Women's bobsledding became an Olympic event in 2002.

Athletic events Olympics?

Some Olympic events include basketball, baseball, hockey, and swimming. Other invents include skiing, skating, track and field events, and bobsledding.

What are five of the winter Olympic games played?

Alpine skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, bobsledding and cross country skiing.

How many Winter Olympic events are indoors?

There are four Winter Olympic events that are held indoors. They are speed skating, figure skating, curling and ice hockey.

How many events are in The Winter Olympic games?


What Olympic has more events winter or summer?


When was bobsledding introduced to winter Olympics?


How many total winter olympic events are there this year?

there are atotal of 7 winter universiade events and 12 summer ones.

What winter olycic events are Romania doing?

Any winter Olympic games in Romania.

Which winter olympic events US did not get a medal in 2007?

There were no Olympic Games in 2007. The summer games were in 2008 and the winter games were in 2010.