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Tom Osborne's regular season record in his 25 seasons as head coach of the University of Nebraska was 255-49-3 for a winning percentage of .836. His record in bowl games was 12-13 for a winning percentage of .480.

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Q: What winning percentage did Tom Osborne finish with?
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Dr. Tom Osborne

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Who coached Nebraska in 1994?

Tom Osborne

How many ncaa championships has tom osborne won?

Tom Osborne has won 3 Championships with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, in 1994, 1995, and 1997.

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255-49-3 from 1973-1997.

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What was tom osborne's record his last five seasons as nebraska head coach?


When is the last year nebraska won a national championship?

1997. Tom Osborne's last year.