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Q: What will you do in times of national calamities crisis?
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What are the National Calamities in India?

overproduction of children

Can a manhunt cause a National Crisis?

A NATIONWIDE crisis?? !!! Probably not.

Why does the president get to expand his powers during a time of national emergency?

Article 2 allows the president to expand his powers in times of national crisis.

Is there a national teenage crisis hotline?

There are hotlines for teenages in crisis. The website is There is another hotline for youth in crisis. The website is

Man made calamities?

manmade calamities?

What is national service reserve corps?

The National Services Reserve Corps is meant to mobilize alumni of AmeriCorps National Service to provide the skills and experience necessary in times of crisis and to address the challenges faced by communities across the country.

Where in the Bible is He will laugh at their calamities?

My search on "Calamities" produced nothing.

When was The Three Calamities created?

The Three Calamities was created in 1999.

Can you make a sentence with the word national?

The onset of war produced a national crisis.

What causes people in the worst of time to loot stores?

the reason is that people are desperate at those times because of disasters and calamities specially earthquakes. people's houses and properties are damaged or destroyed and food is scarce. they need to survive the crisis and also they have families who need to eat that's why they loot.

What are notes on natural calamities for project work?

Notes on natural calamities for project work are used as a guide for the complete project. The notes should include highlights of such natural calamities with details on when, where and how these calamities occurred.

What are the necessary conditions for nationalism to develop?

A national crisis.