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Spain beat Holland by one goal, it was scored by Inesita.

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Q: What will the score be Holland against Spain?
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Who did Spain play vs in 2010?

Spain played Holland in the final, they won with a 1-0 goal score.

How did Spain score against Holland 1-0 to win the FIFA 2010 World Cup title?

By putting the ball, legally over Hollands goal line.

How many goals did Spain score in the world cup final to beat Holland?

Spain defeated Holland in the 2010 final by one goal. It was scored in the A.E.T. by Andrea Inesita.

What team Spain won against in worldcup?

Spain beat Holland in the 2010 world cup final.

What is the highest score by team in a oneday cricket innings?

443 by sri lanka against holland

Who is better Holland or Spain?

Holland is better team than Spain...abdullahi hhaha

What was the score of the final match of the World Cup in South Africa in 2010?

In the final match in South Africa Spain beat Holland 1-0.

Who scored the golden goal in FIFA World Cup 2010?

It was Andrea ineista of Spain, in the 2010 final against Holland, in A.E.T.

Who was the last game against in the 2010 soccer world cup?

In the final of the 2010 world cup Spain defeated Holland 1-0.

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Will Holland win the world cup?

It will be Spain as Spain beat Germany.

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Spain is a catholic country , but not Holland.