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The Dallas Cowboys posted a 6-and-10 record during the 2010 season.

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the dallas cowboys will be 11-5

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Q: What will the Dallas Cowboys record for 2009 be?
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How many games did the Dallas Cowboys lose in 2009?

The Dallas Cowboys record in 2009 was 11-5.

Who had the best record in 2009 the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Dallas Cowboys?

In 2009, the Dallas Cowboys (11-5) had a better record than the Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7).

What was the cowboys record for the 20 09 season?

The Dallas Cowboys posted an 11-and-5 regular-record during the 2009 season. They finished 1-1 in the postseason.

What was the Dallas Cowboys' record in 2005?

The Dallas Cowboys posted a 9-and-7 record during the 2005 regular season.

How many games did the Dallas Cowboys win in 2010?

The Cowboys posted an 11-and-5 record during the 2009 regular-season and defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in a playoff game.

What is the Dallas Cowboys' overall team record?

Through the 2016 season, the Dallas Cowboys' all-time regular-season record is 493-367-6. The team's playoff record is 34-27.

What is the Dallas Cowboys record in blue jerseys?

The Dallas cowboys always seem to lose when they play in their blue jersies.

How many times have the Dallas Cowboys been to the playoffs between 2000-2010?

The Cowboys qualified for the playoffs after the 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2009 seasons. Their playoff record during that period was 1-4.

What is the Cowboys' record at Cowboys Stadium?

Since Cowboys Stadium -- now AT&T Stadium -- opened in 2009, Dallas' home record is 10-8 in preseason play, 37-35 in regular-season games and 2-1 in the postseason.

What is the all time record between the San Diego Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys?

The record for San Diego Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys is 3-6.

Who are the 2009-2010 cowboys cheerleaders?

who are the new dallas cowboys cheerleaders

What was the Dallas Cowboys 2007 regular season record?

The Cowboys 2007 regular season record was 13-3.