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Q: What will happen to your blood circulatory when you do a headstand?
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What problems can happen in the blood and circulatory system?

blood clott

What would happen if the blood of the circulatory system is missing?

If the blood of the circulatory system is missing, then you have a dessicated corpse or mummy of some kind.

What are human circulatory diseases?

They are diseases that happen within your heart, and blood vessels.

What would happen to your digestive system if your circulatory system fails?

you will not have enough blood cell cause they will die

What system of the human body is made of blood?

Well,circulatory system is made up of BLOOD and heart.

Why do changes happen during the circulatory system?

in order to regulate the flow of blood to the body's organs as well as maintain homeostsasis

What kind of circulatory system does blood never leave the blood vessels?

A closed circulatory system

Open circulatory system to lymphatics to closed circulatory system is to blood circulatory system?


What is the close circulatory system and open circulatory system?

Closed circulatory systems have blood that does not flow in defined blood vessels. Examples are insects and how their organs are bathed continually in "blood". Open circulatory systems have blood that flows in vessels. Humans have this system as blood flows in veins, arteries and capillaries.

Which is the system that has blood?

Circulatory System has blood.

What is the World's longest headstand for a child?

99days 5hours and 10 how long i did a headstand

Is your blood a respiratory system or the circulatory system?

circulatory system because blood flows through your veins