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it will go into the air

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2009-10-08 22:32:20
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Q: What will happen to the air pressure in a basketball when it is let out?
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How large a room of air is packed into a basketball at 8psi?

The answer depends on the pressure when the air is let out of the basketball.

How do you dispose of a basketball?

You could let the air out and throw it in the garbage.

How does a basketball air valve hold in the air?

Simply... the valve is a one way valve that lets in air one way but does not let air out. It it basically a hole with a flap on the inside. The flap closes when pressure is pushing out but opens when pressure is pushing in.. like when you put in the pump nozzle.

What will happen if you let out the air out of a balloon?

it will deflate dick

If you let the air out of a balloon what will happen to the balloon?

it will deflate :(

What is half court pressure in basketball?

Half court pressure is when the defense, defends from the half court line and does not let you go past it

What happens to a balloon on a hot day and what might happen if it gets to hot?

When air is heated, its volume increases. If you fill a balloon with comparably cold air and then let it touch hotter air, the air inside will expand and thereby increase the pressure on the balloon membrane. If this pressure gets too strong, the balloon might pop.

What causes Back pressure on cooling system?

You have air in your system. there are release valves that let the air out take it a mechanic

How much air pressure do you put in the front fork on an 1985 Honda 200x?

Those are actually to let air pressure out that builds up while riding. If you add air to them they will get really stiff.

How do you fix air ride suspension?

release the pressure that are in the air shocks. then when u start the car let the vacum ( that runs the air pump in ur car ) for about 10 mins. let air ride rise and sit level

If you push the plunger of a syringe filled with air and let go what will happen?

If you push the plunger of a syringe filled with air and let go, it will come back up again! :) :P

How does a can crush when you heat up the air inside then let it cool?

You must mean a can that you can heat when open and seal air tight when you let it cool. When you heat it the air inside is heated and expands; so the molecules spread out (less molecules=less air). When the can is sealed and cooled, the molecules move together and that creates a vacuum relative to the outside air pressure, and that pressure crushes the can.

When pressure decreases dose volume increase or decrease?

Think of a balloon. Let some air out and the pressure goes down, and the balloon decreases in size.

Why do basketball shorts have holes?

The holes are there for two reasons. 1. To let air get in, out more easily. 2. To improve the flexibility of the shorts

What is differential air pressure?

Differential air pressure is a term of comparison. It may be stated as "the difference in air pressure between..." and finished from there. Let's look at a sentence and then break it down. "The differential air pressure across the body of the 747 is a cause of concern over the life of the aircraft." A jet at altitude has a pressurized cabin. The outside air pressure is very low. (Think Mount Everest. Almost no one climbs it without suplimental oxygen.) There is a difference between the air pressure inside the cabin and the air pressure outside the cabin. This is an instance of differential air pressure. The differential air pressure puts stress on the body of the plane. When the aircraft is back on the ground, the differential pressure disappears. The alternating application and neutralization of stress across the hull damages the structure over the life of the airframe. The differential pressure is the difference between the pressure of the air in the (pressurized) cabin at altitude and the pressure of outside air at that altitude.

How do you get a goose down duvet puff up after washing?

Let it fully air dry and it will happen on its own.

Air moves out of the lungs because?

The muscles that expand the rib cage relax and let it fall back into place under its own weight. That leads to higher pressure in the lung that outside and so air moved from the high pressure to the low pressure out of the lung.

How do you adjust air in a bladder tank?

Turn off the pump, open a faucet and let all the pressure out of the system. Using a tire gauge, check the pressure in the bladder tank. Add or subtract air to make the tanks pressure two pounds less than the turn on pressure of the pump.

Why you prefer to connect tubes to low pressure connection at car air conditioning system compare to high pressure connection in air cond?

It is called high pressure for a good reason. The high pressure side can and will pump the refrigerant back into the can of refrigerant and explode in your hands. One more reason to let the professionals work on the air conditioning in your vehicle.

When was Let It Happen created?

Let It Happen was created on 1998-11-10.

What is the plastic 'box' thing on the passenger side on your 97 Contour's trunk that is letting water into the trunk?

I would guess that box is to allow air pressure to escape the trunk , when you close the trunk lid. They have flaps that let air pressure out , but not suck air in. Just a guess!

Why do your ear pop?

Well your ear pops because when the pressure in the air suddenly changes, your ears are telling you that the pressure has either become greater or let go a little bit.

I have a doubt in safety air pressure relief valve that is how to evaluate the performance of the pressure relief valve?

Make enquiry's with the manufacturer of the compressor and get the max pressure rating. Then let the pressure in the tank build up to that level. If it does not open get a new valve

What word starts with the letter A and means to 'let happen' or 'let get away with' or 'to supply the stuff to let it happen'?


How you can find the pressure in a vessel let say the volume of the vessel is 2cubic meter you have fill in 4 cubic meter of air at 24degC whats the pressure in side the vessel?

there is not enough information. 4 cubic meter of air at 24degC does not define how much air there is, as we don't know the pressure. One thing we do know is that the pressure will double as you are cutting the volume in half (Boyle's law)