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Q: What will happen if you met with an accident while Go Carting?
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How did sudha chandran lost her leg?

sudha chandran met with an accident while going on a pilgrimage

What will you do if the child met bathroom or comfort room accident?

What will you do if a child met accident in the bathroom

Who did sacagawea meet by accident?

She met Lewis and Clark by accident

What are the release dates for I Met with an Accident - 2010?

I Met with an Accident - 2010 was released on: USA: April 2010

What would happen if you met yourself while time traveling?

You would start to believe in reincarnation.

What is an accident?

It actually means An unfortunate incident. Example: he met with an accident.

When did Michael schumacher met the biggest accident of his career?

His biggest accident was at silverstone in 1999 wen he broke his leg.

What are example of False Cause fallacy?

He met an accident because it was Friday the 13th.

Why is happy accident named that?

An example of a happy accident would be spilling your drink on a stranger in a bar, then falling in love and marrying that person. You would not have met but for the happy accident.

Can you get kicked out of a nursing home while in the hospital?

There are a lot of things that can happen when a person is in the hospital. It is possible to be evicted from a nursing home if contracts were not met.

What actors and actresses appeared in I Met with an Accident - 2010?

The cast of I Met with an Accident - 2010 includes: Benedict Das as Benedict Das Celine Das as herself Rebecca Lujan Loveless as herself Josh Lujan Loveless as himself

Who bought Mammoth Life and Accident Insurance Company?

Met Life Insurance

Why was the Battle of Chancellorsville foughtduring the civil war?

the two armies met their on accident

Who is responsible if the sold car has met with an accident and has not been transferred to the buyers name but later it is transferred to his name?

Whoever was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident

What would happen if an irresistible force met an immovable object?

nothing would happen...

Are these needs being met while in outer space?

Yes these needs are being met while in space for if they were not met theAstronauts would come home to our planet earth and may die from a disease that they have interpreted from space.

What would happen if you met aliens?

you will get raped................ and you will like it

What will happen if the basic needs of animals are not met?

you will die

What can happen if the needs of living things are not met?

If the needs of living things are not met, the living things will die...there is no other scenario.

Do the people you meet by accident end up becoming the most important people in your life?

People say that the ones you meet by accident usually wind up being the most important in your life. I know that several people that I have met by accident are very important to me.

What happened to sid vicious the wrestler?

He met with a huge accident while wrestling. He fractured his leg bone on live TV. After that, though he has recovered and is competing in independent circuits, he hasn't been with any large wrestling promotion like wwe or TNA

What is the name of the youngest actresses in the Met-Life Insurance Commercial Spot Dad's Accident?

It's Juliette Trafton.

If Leia and Oola met what would happen?

They would battle.

What would happen if a shark's needs aren't met?

they will die

Is Caitlin beadles famous before she went out with Justin bieber?

No she wasnt. Justin and Caitlin met when Justin moved to Atlanta, Georgia while in the process of becoming JUSTIN BIEBER haha but then they went out for a while and i that's why people call her "famous". that, and cause she had a horrible boating accident and almost lodt her life, BUT DIDNT haha:)