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Technically you will not die,If you break your neck it could possibly paralyze you in some way due to the nerves running from your neck into your spine and arms and such,they could be damaged,but if you break it the wrong way you could die.

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โˆ™ 2011-10-09 02:25:28
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Q: What will happen if you break your neck?
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How did Andre the giant break his neck?

Andre did not break his neck

Can an owl break its neck?

Yes, with enough force, an owl can break its neck.

What could happen if you ran out of ammo while killing zombies?

You can break their neck, do a mega punch or mega kick right in the head and nothing will happen to you.

Why do you die when you break your neck?

The reason why you die when you break your neck is because of a severed spinal cord. if you are luck this does not happen. and you just end up paralyzed with limited abilitys. I was lucky I broke my neck about a year ago and only has some minor nerve damage in my arm but i have since fully recovered.

When was Break Ya Neck created?

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What will break a human neck?

Injury to Human NeckAn accident in which one falls on the neck or the neck hits something will break the bones in the spinal cord at the neck. Often, but not always, paralysis of the extremities will result.

How do you break your neck?

you can break it by grabbing your head and twisting it

When is wearing a neck brace necessary?

When you break yo neck

Could a grasshopper break your neck if it was perfect timing?

No, even if you were traveling at 70 mph on a motorcycle, it will not break your neck.

Did Christopher Reeve break his neck?

Yes, he was thrown from his horse and broke his neck, which paralyzed him from the neck down.

How did Tom Daley break his neck?

Tom hasn't broken his neck. You are mistaken.

What happens if you jam your hamsters neck?

what does that mean? Break their neck? Please specify.

What happens when you fall on your neck?

you could break your neck, become paralyzed, and/or die.

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He was practising for a concert when he fractured a vertebra in his neck

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Don't break my neck.

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no he has not

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What happen when somebody throws a baseball at your neck?

You will suffer a pain in the neck.

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Yes simply -

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